Custom Slaughter Services

100% Your Meat the Way You Want It!


Dry-Aged Meat Is What We Specialize In!

Everyone wants to know what they are getting from their meat processor.

We do not use lactic acids or vinegar on any of our meats. Our high-quality beef is dry-aged at least 7 days. You will get the meat you love!.

Scott’s Processing works with local farmers to provide you with quality, locally raised meat. Angus beef can be purchased by the quarter, half, or whole. Hogs can be purchased by the half or whole. Prices based on market.


Custom Slaughter Prices


 $90/head kill charge
$0.90/lb. processing (hanging weight)
Split Half Charge $5/quarter


 $50/hog kill charge ($60/hog >220# hanging)
$0.90/lb. processing (hanging weight)
Split Hog Charge $5/half
$.90/lb. Curing Weight
Seasoning and Specialty Items Cost Extra

Kill and Cool Skinned Hog $80/head


Custom On-The-Farm Beef Butchering Prices

Service Call  $125.00
-Emergency Service Call $175.00


Hourly Rate $60/hour (2 Hour Minimum)
-Drive time & butcher time

Trim & Wash $20/beef

Processing $1.00/lb.

Split Sides $5/qtr.

We sell our locally sourced beef and pork from both of our retail locations!  Customers can buy it buy the piece or bundle and save $$

Weekly Grab Bags are available at the Greenville General Store!

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