Wild Game Processing

1st Shotgun Season Hours:

Friday & Saturday 7:30a-8p

Sunday 9-3

We will stay later these days, if there are deer still coming in.
If we are not here, please just leave your deer in the refrigerated trailer, and call us the next morning for your cutting orders!


Wild Game Processing Services

We take pride in processing every animal brought into our facility individually so the meat you bring in will always be the meat you get back!
Locally owned and operated so you can guarantee we will treat our customers like family.


*$75 Deposit per Deer

*Any deer brought into our facility During or After 1st Shotgun Season should allow at least a 6 month turnaround on all Smokehouse Products.

-This includes; Summer Sausage, Sticks, Salami, Bologna and Bacon.

-Fresh Cuts, Burger, Brats and Jerky have a faster turn-around time.


*We only SKIN DEER from October 1st through the Sunday of 1st SHOTGUN SEASON! 

Anything after that must be BONELESS!


*We will only accept Boneless Deer Meat from September 1st through April 30th or until we reach our maximum pounds of Smokehouse Products for the season.  Please get your meat into us early in the season, so you guarantee getting in completed during the time listed above.  If we get too much meat we will stop taking wild game for smokehouse products until September 1st.


*Boneless meat for Brats and/or Burger is accepted all year.  NO BONELESS MEAT will be accepted for JERKY.  We will only make JERKY off of Whole Deer Carcasses!


Wild Game Snacks!

Old Fashioned Summer Sausages and Salami
Smoked Bologna and Jalapeno and Cheese Bologna
Snack Sticks and Hot Sticks
Deer Bacon
Brats, Burgers and More

After-Hours Deer Drop-Off Available

If you need a safe, clean place to leave your deer for processing, we have you covered. All you have to do is tag the deer with your name, IDNR confirmation number and contact information and drop it off in our refrigerated trailer. Contact us the next business day to give us your orders and deposit!



The trailer is for whole carcasses only please do not leave boneless deer meat in the trailer.   Boneless meat must be checked in during business hours.
We are not responsible for lost or stolen deer left after-hours.
Our trailer is under video surveillance.


We sell Seasoning and Supplies for Home Butchering

We carry 100# Batch Bags for our Summer Sausage, Snack Stick and Hot Stick seasonings. 

Please plan accordingly!  We will no longer batch out special amounts.

Seasoning orders for Jerky and Bratwursts are filled to order and must be placed 24 hours in advance, so we have adequate time to get them ready.

Fibrous Casings Pre-stuck and Protein Coated (2x17) (2 1/2 x 20) (6x20)
Collagen Snack Stick Casings (20mm / Approx 10# each)
Natural Hog Casings (140# Sets)
Ground Burger Bags (Beef/Pork/Wild Game)
Twine and Tape etc.
Butcher Freezer Paper (IF ordered in advance) 1000′ rolls
Butcher Pepper, Mustard Seed, Salt, Sugar
Any Bratwurst or Sausage seasoning we carry
Jerky Seasoning (Original/Sweet Teriyaki/Sweet Chipotle/Bloody Mary)
High-Temp Cheeses (Cheddar/Mozzarella/Hot Pepper/Swiss)


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